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Wedding couple: Veronika & Doti

Meet our wedding couple, Veronika and Doti. We had the pleasure to work with this amazing couple from Slovakia! Here are some answers about how they got ready for their wedding and first dance. Maybe it can help you answer some of your questions.

1. When was your wedding day? Did you have to reschedule because of the pandemic?

It was the 9th of October 2021, in a vintage castle near Prešov, which is one of the centers of eastern Slovakia. We were engaged for about a year and because of covid, we were not too motivated to plan the wedding. We were quite afraid about possible cancellations or lost deposits, you can imagine. However, in summer, the situation was quite good, and I as a bride was about to enjoy sabathacila at that time, a little window of opportunity had shown up. So after a short conversation with both of our parents, in August we decided to make it happen. We had maybe 10 weeks of time to prepare everything. In September the situation got worse, and the government marked the weddings as a risky social venue. They limited the number of guests at the events. Two weeks before the wedding, we didn't know if it was even going to happen. Fortunately, it did, and we ended up having a beautiful wedding with around 50 (100% vaccinated) guests.

2. What was your first dance song, and why did you choose it?

Can ́t stop falling in love with you, by Elvis Presley. We chose this song because the lyrics are beautiful. We wanted something calm, not too modern and complicated, so we could really enjoy the dance.

3. What was your idea about your first dance choreography/style - if you had any?

As neither of us had a previous dance experience we didn’t want to learn anything complicated. Just something simple and romantic.

4. How many lessons did you take? Did you take in-person or online lessons?

We took 5 lessons. The first was very basic, we started without music with simple steps, and then we divided the song into 3 parts, which helped to memorize the whole choreography. The lessons were taken online because we live just too far from Katarina.

5. How was the lesson online? Did you have any difficulties?

In the beginning, I wasn't sure the online lessons would be easy, but I changed my mind very quickly. After each lesson, Katarina shared a video with the new steps we learned during the online lesson. After practicing the steps, we made a video and sent it to her. Then she made comments if we had to adjust something. It really worked out well for us.

6. What was your experience with Be You Dance Studio?

The most I remember was the fun and joy from learning something new and being close to your partner. Katarina made our sessions very easygoing, fun, and we both felt very comfortable even though this was way out of our comfort zone. She was always ready to answer any question and was very professional.

7. Would you recommend other couples hire a dance teacher? Would you recommend Be You Dance Studio? Why?

These lessons were perfect for getting us ready for our wedding, but I would also recommend them to couples who want to change their regular routine or who just want to spice up their relationship. Dancing is very feminine, and having a man lead, on the other hand, is so... gentleman-like. I really loved that feeling.

8. What did your guests say about your first dance?

All around the hall you could see smiling and adorable faces, they loved it. My brother-in-law said the dance was beautiful while wondering, how could I manage to learn such nice choreography as a no-dancer, in Slovak we say "dancing wood". So there is no need to be afraid, everybody can do it.

9. Do you have any last words you would like to share with the couples who are preparing for their wedding? Any advice?

Just take it as fun, not like an obligation, and do not care about what others think. Enjoy the lessons and the dance at your wedding, just laugh if anything goes wrong, positive memories are the best wedding gift you can give to yourself. Btw, my husband enjoyed it maybe even more than me and discovered a new passion. Maybe it can happen to you too.

We hope this interview can help you with your wedding preparation. If you are still hesitating to hire a dance teacher for your first dance, feel free to reach out to us and schedule a FREE 30-min zoom call where we can tell you more details and answer all of your questions.

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