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You can schedule a FREE 30-min phone or video call where we can discuss what would be the best fit for you and your partner and answer all your questions.

First dance

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life! Let professionals guide you on this journey to look like royalty on the dance floor. You would be surprised how important your wedding dance is when you and your guests remember it forever.   

Let us help you with your first dance as a married couple. We will teach you the choreography of your choice to go with your wedding song, so no one will forget that special day of yours! If you need help with the style or song that would fit you at your wedding, or you have no idea where to even start, we are here for you! Just say "YES, I DO" and book your first lesson with us. You can learn styles, such as waltz, tango, swing, or make your wedding dance a little spicy with salsa, bachata or hip hop.

We are certain you’ll love our lessons as much as we do. In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied after third session, we will send you 100% money back, no questions ask!

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!!!

Book one lesson if you just want to learn about your posture and dance hold. You will get a private dance instructor who will help you with your dance frame and show you one or two basic steps that fit your wedding song.

Price of one private 60 minute session is $139.

Book five lessons if you want to learn more than just the basic step. You will get a private dance instructor who will work with you through five 60-minute lessons. You will learn all about dance frame, how to lead and follow on the dance floor, how to look confident, and you will learn a short choreography.

Price of five private lessons is $650.

Wedding Day
Dancing Grooms


Book 10 classes (most popular option) and get serious about your wedding dance. You will get a private dance instructor who will work with you through ten 60-minute lessons. With ten lessons, you can adopt more then one dance style, making you look very confident and knowledgeable.
 Price of the 10 lessons is $1250.

Book 15 classes and you will be the king and queen  of the dance floor. You will get your private dance instructor who will work with you through fifteen 60-minute lessons. You can combine more then two dance styles and make your wedding dance very special.
 Price of the 15 lessons is $1800.

First Dance
Wedding Party

Book 20 classes and you can call yourself a dancer! You will get your private dance instructor who will work with you through twenty 60-minute lessons. Your families and friends would never expect what a rockstar you can be on the dance floor!
 Price of the 20 lessons is $2300

You can also book private online lessons. We are working with many couples from foreign countries who now have the option to book a lesson online. Online lessons also work for couples who want to be really careful during this pandemic and take classes from the comfort of their homes.  

Price of the online lesson is $90.

Wedding with Masks
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