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Wedding couple: Jordan & Raf

Please allow me to introduce Jordan & Raf, our June 2022 couple. They contacted Be You Dance Studio at the beginning of the year. Take a look and read their story, how they got ready for their first dance!

1. When and where was your wedding day? Did you have to reschedule because of the pandemic?

We got married at The William Vale in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on 5/14/22! Fortunately, we did not have to reschedule at all!

2. What was your first dance song? Did you choose your song before you started to practice your first dance choreography?

Our first dance song was “Two of Us” by The Beatles. Once we chose our song, we knew we would need help with the upbeat tempo and style of the song which is when we looked for someone to teach us and found Katarina!

3. What was your idea about your first dance choreography/style - if you had any?

To be honest our dance skills before Katarina were minimal at best so we really looked to her for guidance in everything. She truly blew us away with her experience, and in helping us individualize our first dance moves with our song itself and our skill level.

4. How many lessons did you take? Did you take in-person or online lessons?

We took 9 lessons with Katarina in-person, it was incredible that we were able to have our lessons locally to us. A huge factor that made everything soooo easy for us to work with her. We originally planned to just do 5, but at the 3rd or so lesson realized we would need a few more it was so easy to add more lessons on. Since we have 1 lesson remaining we’re actually going to do another one with her post-wedding just for fun!

5. What was your experience with Be You Dance Studio?

We absolutely loved it! She was patient, understanding, and also allowed us to joke and to have fun while working on this dance. This was so important because there are so many nerves and anxieties about dancing in front of people that having fun during our lessons was the perfect way to make the whole idea of a first dance less intimidating.

6. Would you recommend other couples hire a dance teacher? Would you recommend Be You Dance Studio? Why?

Yes/ we already have!!! For the ease of scheduling, ease of location, Katarina’s expertise and skill in teaching dancing. Everything was just perfect.

7. What did your guests say about your first dance?

They were blown away, as mentioned above we’re not big dancers or good dancers at that. We were able to bring the same “light hearted-ness” and fun we had in the lessons onto our wedding dance floor. To be honest at first, we thought that we were going to be nervous, but once the music started muscle memory kicked in and we had a blast! Our guests noticed that and couldn’t stop raving about how shocked they were at how well our dance was.

8. Do you have any last words you would like to share with the couples who are preparing for their wedding/first dance choreography? Any advice?

Have fun, be flexible, get out of your own head! Make sure if you’re not going to spend the extra time at home practicing you still set-up enough lessons to learn and then practice the dance.

This interview should help you with your wedding preparations. If you are still hesitating to hire a dance teacher for your first dance, feel free to reach out to us and schedule a FREE 30-minute zoom call where we can tell you more details and answer all of your questions.

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