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Wedding couple: Jaime & Adam

We are pleased to introduce you to Jaime & Adam, our couple for May 2022. They contacted us to book a lesson and learn some basic steps, tricks, and tips on how to look better on the dance floor. Find out how they ended up with such a beautiful choreography by reading their story.

1. Tell us a little about you.

Adam is a structural engineer, and Jaime is a book editor. We met on Bumble 4 years ago, and live together in Brooklyn. We love exploring the city’s best restaurants, hiking, and skiing, but had never taken dance lessons before!

2. When and where was your wedding day? Did you have to reschedule because of the pandemic?

We got married on April 30, 2022, at Gedney Farm in the Berkshires. We got engaged in January 2021, and knew that we wanted to stick to our wedding date once we’d picked it, even if we ended up only able to have a few people there—we were ready to start our lives together!

3. What was your first dance song? Did you choose your song before you started to practice your first dance choreography?

“Nothing Can Change This Love” by Sam Cooke. Jaime spent hours carefully narrowing down choices before we ultimately decided on this song, and we went into dance lessons ready to rock it!

4. What was your idea about your first dance choreography/style - if you had any?

Dance lessons were an afterthought for us. We almost didn’t consider the option in time to take advantage of it! Initially, we thought we would take one class just to learn a few moves and feel more comfortable on the dance floor. But we really enjoyed working with Katarina, so we decided to go back for more lessons, and ultimately realized that it would be easier to plan out a choreography than to try to freestyle a series of moves. So suddenly, we found ourselves with a whole choreographed dance we were looking forward to practicing together!

5. How many lessons did you take? Did you take in-person or online lessons?

We took 3 lessons in person. We wanted to take more, but COVID and our wedding date got in the way!

6. What was your experience with Be You Dance Studio?

We loved working with Katarina. She was super friendly, patient, and helpful, and taught us a bunch of great moves while still allowing us to be ourselves in the dance. She was very respectful and understanding of our COVID needs.

7. Would you recommend other couples hire a dance teacher? Would you recommend Be You Dance Studio? Why?

Absolutely! It was a huge bonding experience to take classes together and gave us something so special for the wedding celebration that we can watch back for the rest of our lives. It was a great way to build up the romance for the wedding, and we plan on taking more classes together in the future! And our experience.

We hope you find this interview helpful in preparing for your wedding. If you are still unsure whether to hire a dance teacher for your first dance, please contact us so we can answer all of your questions during a FREE 30-minute zoom call.

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