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Wedding couple: Gigi & Joey

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Gigi & Joey, our couple for July 2022.

We were contacted by this lovely couple at the beginning of 2022. The plan was to take two to three private dance lessons. They selected two songs and wanted to mix them. Their first dance began with a romantic foxtrot and ended with a passionate tango! Take a look at Gigi & Joey's wedding dance story.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am an accountant and my husband – Joey – is a stagehand. Neither of us are dancers or know how to dance (if you don’t count stepping on or tripping over each other’s feet!).

2. When and where was your wedding day? Did you have to reschedule

because of the pandemic?

Our wedding was on May 28, 2022, in Westbury, NY which is on Long Island. We got engaged on Christmas Day 2020 during the pandemic and set our date more than a year out, so thankfully, we were able to get married on our chosen date without having to reschedule!

3. What was your first dance song? Did you choose your song before you started to practice your first dance choreography?

For our first dance, we used a mashup of “La Mer” which is an older French song, with “Sway” by Dean Martin. We chose both songs before starting to practice our first dance. We loved the music but had no idea how to make it lively/entertaining for our guests or how to dance to it!

4. What was your idea about your first dance choreography/style - if you had any?

Neither of us knows how to dance at all, especially not any type of formal dance moves. We did have a feeling that “Sway” would go with the tango, but when it came to “La Mer”, while it’s a beautiful song, it didn’t seem like it would be much fun for people to watch us dance to since it’s quite a slow song. Luckily, Katarina knew exactly what we needed to “spice it up” – the foxtrot, coupled with some twirls, dips, and lifts!

5. How many lessons did you take? Did you take in-person or online lessons?

We started out with the 5-lesson package but quickly realized that our less-than-adequate dance abilities along with the complicated song choices we made would require a bit more. In the end, we took a total of 8 lessons to perfect our first dance.

6. What was your experience with Be You Dance Studio?

Absolutely incredible and exactly what we needed in every way. Katarina was able to choreograph simple yet classy and exciting dance moves for our chosen songs, which was exactly what we wanted. Her teaching style is patient and compassionate – she understands dancers at every level, and also understood our specific situations with long working days and busy schedules, and tailored our lessons to meet our needs. We also really appreciated her flexibility and

professionalism throughout the months leading up to our wedding.

7. Would you recommend other couples hire a dance teacher? Would you

recommend Be You Dance Studio? Why?

We definitely would! Learning a choreographed first dance not only makes you look good, which is always welcome(!), but it makes the evening more meaningful and special for your guests, who usually make a great deal of effort to be there for your wedding. Why not delight them with something other than boring solo dance moves for the first dance.

Be You Dance Studio offers a convenient solution – with dedicated studio space available or the option to travel to your home, depending on your schedule – which is a huge plus. You also get a professional ballroom dancer who happens to be one of the kindest and most experienced teachers to dedicate time and energy to your special day – what more could anyone want?!

8. What did your guests say about your first dance?

The reactions we saw in the photos speak for themselves – our guests were amazed and delighted by our first dance – especially the lift, which drove the crowd wild! Our guests complimented us on our first dance and we even had some friends who are getting married say that we really raised the bar for their wedding first dance!

9. Do you have any last words you would like to share with the couples who are preparing for their wedding/first dance choreography? Any advice?

Be realistic about your skills and time available before your wedding – you don’t want to get frustrated (which we definitely started to), as that is counter-productive to your goal. Focus on each other and what you feel most comfortable doing. And lastly, book early! Be You Dance Studio books up quickly, and the best advice we can give is to make sure you have your lessons planned out (with enough time to practice on your own in between). You won’t regret your choice to learn your first dance with a truly talented and kind professional – Katarina!

We hope this interview can help you with your wedding preparations. If you are still hesitating to hire a dance teacher for your first dance, feel free to reach out to us and schedule a FREE 30-minute zoom call where we can tell you more details and answer all of your questions.

Check out our wedding packages:

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