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Spring dance classes

for children 2-7 yo

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Dance is a great activity where we can release stress, exercise our body & mind, socialize with others, and all of it in a very fun way!


Dance classes in Prospect Park

     The main goal of the class is to learn basic fundamentals & terminology of dance, socialize with other children, release stress and energy, learn how to follow rules and work in groups. We will use techniques of ballet, hip hop, and theater jazz. We will also practice yoga for better flexibility and balance, play theater games to increase creativity and confidence in front of others, and learn different dance choreographies to improve our memory. 

Spring schedule starts March 22nd and ends June 25th.

Every Monday & Friday

03:00p - 03:30p (2 - 3 years old) $25/class (price for drop-in) 

                                                        $299/whole semester (once a week) 

                                                        $520 whole semester (twice a week) 

Monday 04:00p - 05:00p (4 - 7 years old)

Friday    03:30p - 04:30p (4 - 7 years old) $30/class (price for drop-in) 

                                                        $338/whole semester (once a week) 

                                                        $598/whole semester (twice a week)

                                                        $280/10 classes

Select option:


Once a week (13 classes)

Twice a week (26 classes)

Sign up by sending registration form to!


NOTE:  no class April 2nd (Good Friday)

            no class May 31st (Memorial day)



Every Wednesday

in the studio

from 10:30a until 11:10a

for children 2 - 3 years old. 


more info:


Spring break camp

Spring break camp starts March 29nd and ends April 1st.

Spring break camp is for children 4 to 7 years old.

WHEN: 01:00p - 05:00p

WHERE: Prospect Park, by the Picnic House


  •     01:00 - 01:15p: Meet by the Picnic House

  •     01:15 - 02:30p: Dance, yoga and theater games

  •     02:30 - 03:00p: Snack + story time

  •     03:00 - 04:00p: Arts & Craft

  •     04:00 - 05:00p: Games. 

PRICE: one day   $90

            four days $340                      or $314                 (if your child is signed up for spring session)

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